Responding vs. Reacting to Curveballs

Updated: May 23

Imagine that it’s Friday afternoon and your supervisor comes to let you know that there are four new children starting on Monday; this will require a new educator and a support facilitator for a child with special needs (True story FYI). How would you respond? As educators, we have two opportunities: We can let the situation get the best of us and we can react, get overwhelmed and stress out,or we can take a deep breath and respond to the situation. Responding to curveballs in our field seems like something that should be included in the job description. Our field is ever-changing and as educators we’re often required to change plans on a dime. Responding to curveballs calmly and rationally can help us keep our peace. 1. Pause Take a deep breath and focus on that little voice in your head. What does your self-talk sound like? Shift your focus to the positive and assess what needs to be done. 2. Plan In ECE, our actions are done through the lens of connection and the four foundations of belonging, wellbeing, engagement and expression. How will your actions reflect the four foundations? 3. Take Action Follow through with what needs to be and ask for help if necessary. Remember at the end of the day to take care of you!

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