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My "Why"

If we have had the opportunity to connect- it is probably pretty apparent that I am SUPER passionate about sharing mindfulness with children and youth; as well as their grownups!

This passion stems from an internal motivation that began when I was young. From the time I can remember I have carried some form of mental baggage. When I was a child, mental health wasn't something that we addressed as a society. And so, I grew up managing anxiety, depression and trauma in ways that weren't always helpful or positive.

I went into my young adult years on an inspired path-wanting to be a support to children and youth. I pursued a career in Early Childhood Education passionately while experiencing anxiety and depression in my personal life. Accessing mental health support was out of my budget at that time as it was something you had to pay for then. I coped as best as I could.

I was 25 I went to my first yoga class and experienced the deep relief of my nervous system slowing down. At last, something that seemed accessible and helpful! I continued to practice yoga and meditation casually and noticed the considerable shift it had on my mental well-being.

I was 30 when I was able to get a referral to mental health support and spoke with a counsellor for the first time! We began to unpack the mental baggage I carried. Through counselling, I began to learn the positive tools and skills of mindfulness. In 2017, I knew that I wanted to make mindfulness, yoga and meditation accessible to children, youth and their grownups! For me, this work is personal. I don't want any person- child, teen or grownup to experience the darkness that poor mental health can cast. My vision is to provide safe, inclusive and welcoming spaces where children, youth, parents caregivers and professionals who interact with children are provided with the tools to be mindful, skillful and supported. *While I am not trained as a mental health professional, it is within my scope and training to be able to share a variety of tools and practices that can support overall mental and physical well-being. If you or your child are experiencing poor mental health, there are resources and support available. Please reach out and together we can get you connected to services that are right for you.

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