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About Rachelle

Hey, I'm Rachelle! I wanted to share a little bit about myself, my work and the overarching philosophy that I bring to all of the work that I do. I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator and love spending my days with children. My day job is a program facilitator within an EarlyOn family and child centre. We are fortunate to be able to build strong relationships and connections with families and children and support families in the growth, learning and development of their children. What I love most about my job is that we have the ability to foster strong connections with the WHOLE family and get to know parents as well as children.

When our centre is closed in the summer, I am a leader of a Nature Based summer camp. We have a team of roughly 15 young camp leaders and we have about 90 children each

week. What I love about this job is the ability to inspire youth working with children and share the joy of the outdoors with children! In all of my roles, I'm inspired by play-based, child-led learning. As well as outdoor, nature-based programs. I believe that children are capable and trusted to be interested in things worth knowing more about and my role is to follow their lead! I have felt and known this deeply. Prior to Ontario adopting the How Does Learning Happen early learning pedagogy- I believed that I would never fit into the traditional theme-based model of early learning and anticipated finding a less travelled path to working with young children. I did so much research in those days before I even stepped foot into the early childhood education program. I anticipated a career on the fringes of early education and I am so thrilled to see the strides we've made in our field.

My core philosophy was formed so long ago and has continued to grow and develop over the past 20 years into the view of the child as it is today:

Children are competent, capable and incredibly resilient. They are trusted to be interested in things worth knowing more about. Children have the right to be heard, bodily autonomy and independence. Children have the right to be loved, cherished and valued. Children have the right to play, rest and nourishment. Children are current citizens in our communities and have the right to choice, input and consideration. They have the right to belong. Each child is unique and has the right to develop in their own time with the support of loving caregivers. Children are deeply complex and multi-faceted. With many interests, ideas and theories and the right to explore and be expressed in many different ways.

This philosophy affects the work I do in all of my roles and shapes who I show up as in our community as a leader, facilitator and educator. It continues to evolve and change as I learn and grow.

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