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children, youth and family

With18 years working with children and youth, you can feel confident that I put the wellbeing of your children and family first. 

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Private Coaching

Dedicated coaching for your child or youth in a fun and upbeat environment.

Your child will feel empowered to set and work towards goals. Take ownership of their emotions and learn positive coping skills. 


Join us for a fun, upbeat yoga class for kids! 

Recommended for ages 4-8

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Join us for a fun, upbeat yoga class for youth! 

Recommended for ages 8-12


Our days together will provide a balance of mindful movement, play, creativity and rest.

The studio will be set up with a variety of materials for children to explore, create and build with.

Children will be encouraged to choose a project of their interest to plan, design + share with their friends. 

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Full Day
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