My priority is you!


Your goals, your wellness and your happiness! 

Every call, class or workshop is a safe and inclusive space for you to feel comfortable being you!



Private Coaching

It's all about you!

Coaching happens virtually right from the comfort of your home.  No need to leave the house.

Your coaching can focus on anything you want - life balance, goal-setting, self-kindness, overcoming self-sabotage, ditching limiting beliefs...

In this space it's about celebrating who you ARE and shedding the idea of who you should be.


Vinyasa Yoga

This intro to yoga class makes the connection between mind - body, connecting breath to movement. 

Classes are inclusive and welcoming spaces for every body, no prior yoga experience needed. 

restorative yoga

Leave the stress behind.

This gentle, slow class will help you slow down, gently stretch &  relax the mind and body. This class is perfect if you're new to yoga.


Mindful Meditation

This evening meditation will provide a place of refuge. Destress, relax the body and mind. Leave feeling more grounded and calm. 

rise + shine meditation

This uplifting morning meditation will invigorate you as you go into your weekend. Leave feeling joyful and full of gratitude.