My priority is you!


Your goals, your wellness and your happiness! 

Every call, class or workshop is a safe and inclusive space for you to feel comfortable being you!



Private Coaching

It's all about you!

Coaching happens virtually right from the comfort of your home.  No need to leave the house.

Your coaching can focus on anything you want - life balance, goal-setting, self-kindness, overcoming self-sabotage, ditching limiting beliefs...

In this space it's about celebrating who you ARE and shedding the idea of who you should be.


Gentle Hatha Yoga

Unwind and relax with this gentle flow. This class is beginner friendly and for adults of all ages. 

Yoga For Mobility 

Increase your range of motion and develop strength through gentle movement using a variety of props. This class is beginner friendly and for adults of all ages. 


Monday Meditations

Develop your meditation practice with me! 
Join me every Monday evening for a virtual meditation. No registration required.

Click the link to join.